4 Types Of Painting Techniques That Are Important For Beginners!

4 Types Of Painting Techniques That Are Important For Beginners

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Over the years, painting techniques have created a huge impact on the artist’s life. Whether you’re a beginner just taking up painting classes or a professional teacher trying to teach the students some basic lessons, art and painting is something that requires perfection even in mistakes.

Paint is an imagination that a person puts up on the canvas to let it see by the other people. It is a way of showcasing creativity, passion and imagination on your canvas. But to be a master in painting, you need techniques to perfect it. So, if you’re ready, then let’s head over to the 4 types of painting techniques to make you paint like a pro in just a short period of time.


Sgraffito is a term that is used for when you scratch away the paint to reveal the lower level of contrasting colour. This technique is applied when you portray a painting with grasses, hair or scratches. To remove the paint, you will need a pointed object like an end of the brush or a rubber shaping tools.


An underpainting is the first layer of a paint that you put on the canvas to make it as the base for your next step. It is a great step to help you out with your future colour placement. In fact, many old masters have tried this technique to built-in certain tones and values within their painting’s colour palette.

Dry brushing:

Dry brushing is a technique of applying colour that covers partially over your already dried paint. It is a technique where you add texture to your already dried paint. To dry brush, you will have to take the paint and wipe off the excess and then gently apply on your canvas to give the effect.

Building up texture:

Texture helps in showcasing the reality in a painting. For that, you would need a dry and a flat brush which will help in blending your paint and creating smooth transitions. Anything and everything can be used to give texture to your painting. For e.g, if you want a bubble texture on your canvas then you can apply a bubble wrap to give more depth and character to your painting. There are a lot of ready-made texture media available right now which you can use to add depth and certain texture in your painting.

So, now that you know the 4 types of painting techniques that are important for beginners then go ahead and practice the technique the next time you pick up your brush. Whether wine glass painting is your forte or an abstract painting, these 4 techniques will eventually make you better in your game and master of your painting game.


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