Best Art Museums In The World!

Best Art Museums In The World

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From the most famous paintings to the best art galleries in the world, the one thing that is special about art museums in general is about the aura of attracting people into looking through the history of iconic pieces. These museums are a home to many of the artist’s hard work and creativity. Being a home to the majority of world’s most valuable paintings, sculpture to even artifacts, art museums are not a place for just getting lost in it, but is a place of gaining knowledge and a sense of creativity that has been lived for so many years. So, whether you’re a person who loves art or is a person who wants to get inspired, here is a list of the best art museums in the world.

Brandhorst, Munich:

The Brandhorst Museum is the newest but one of the best art museums in the world. It was established in the year 2009 in order to showcase the magnificent contemporary art collection of Udo Fritz-Hermann and his wife Anette Brandhorst. This museum includes a comprehensive selection of some of the most incredible artworks created by amazing artists such as Alex Katz, Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Cy Twombly, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Gerhard Richter. One of the rooms of this museum is shaped in a stunning irregular octagon specifically to place the 12 parts painting of Lepanto cycle.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao:

One of the best art museums in the world is not only famous for including most famous paintings of the legendary artists but is also highly popular for its innovative and daring style of architecture. Opened in 1997, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is an uniquely built museum that is a piece of art in itself. Designed by Frank Gehry, it is a museum of modern and contemporary art that holds some of the great artworks like Jeff Koons’ kitsch whimsy sculpture Puppy, Louise Bourgeois‘ sculpture Maman and many more.

Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg:

Founded in the year 1764, Hermitage Museum is the second largest art museum in the world. This very antique looking museum displays a wide variety of famous paintings and artifacts from all around the globe. The wide variety of artworks includes works of  incredible artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Gauguin, Matisse, Van Gogh, Raphael and Titian, Michelangelo, Rembrandts and Rubens and French works from artists like Renoir, Manet, Cezanne, Pissarro and numerous sculptures by Rodin.

The Louvre, Paris:

Established in 1793, it is the largest and the most famous museum in the world. It is also the world’s most visited museum that now holds over one million artworks of which 35,000 are on display. This museum was first established as a private collection of the King Francis I in the 16th century. Among the first works that he ever purchased was the enigmatic and the very famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. In today’s time the Majority of the work in this museum represents all the periods of European works up to the Revolutions of 1848.

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