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Top 5 Most Famous Paintings in the World
An artist is someone that can show feelings, expression, mood all in one picture. They are the one that creates their imagination into a beautiful piece of art and it is this art that in ancient times didn’t need all those sort of tools for them to master their skills. Some of the paintings that are being kept in museums now were drawn hundreds and thousands of years back in time. Even with a limited
The Most Famous Artists Of All Time
One thing that brings a light to the artists canvas is the mind and imagination that is put into it through an artist’s perspective. From all the magnificent art galleries to the most famous museums in the world, art isn’t something that everybody understands and feels in the same way like how these artists feel. It takes a lot of effort for these artists to disclose the idea and imagination on a canvas in such
The World's Most Famous Art Pieces
The history of art has shown us some of the greatest and the best artworks in the world. The world’s museums, cathedrals, churches, café to even private homes are filled with the work of the talented artists that have created their masterpieces way back in time. From ancient artworks to abstract painting one thing that binds the two is the work of the person and his/her dedication towards building the piece and creating such iconic
Best Art Museums In The World

Best Art Museums In The World!

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From the most famous paintings to the best art galleries in the world, the one thing that is special about art museums in general is about the aura of attracting people into looking through the history of iconic pieces. These museums are a home to many of the artist’s hard work and creativity. Being a home to the majority of world’s most valuable paintings, sculpture to even artifacts, art museums are not a place for