How To Paint Still Life Oil Painting!

How To Paint Still Life Oil Painting

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A still life oil painting is one of the precious looking painting that an individual can draw to give life to a canvas. It is a painting that beautifully settles in your canvas to bring the vibe of the picture that you have painted. Sometimes a picture can be of fruit or it can be of a cup of coffee that you have just had in a café. The ideas are many and whatever fits right for you should be the main focus while you start your still life oil painting.
So, if you want to know the steps for still life oil painting then keep on reading to find out.

Materials For Still Life Oil Painting:

Before we go any further with the steps on how to paint, here is the list of materials that you would need in order to paint a still life oil painting.
⦁ In brushes, you will need an acrylic brush, small rounded nylon brush and a 1.5-inch decorators brush.
⦁ A palette knife, a canvas board, a kitchen roll/paper towel, water, a wooden or a tear-off palette, a colour palette and a 0.7mm of an acrylic marker.
⦁ For a medium, you will need a refined Linseed oil (which will help in giving a glossy effect) and an odourless mineral spirit (thinner for drying oil).
⦁ A reference picture for your painting.


  1. Always put your image or the object at almost an eye level.
  2. The first stage is to draw the outlines of the particular image using an acrylic marker or a paint. You just have to use simple strokes with an acrylic brush to define the drawing. In this stage, you don’t have to worry about the detailing.
  3. The second stage is underpainting where you have to define the design a little more. Here you would fill in the general shapes of the drawing.
  4. After you’re done with that, then you can work on your opacity. By that I mean you can start to mix in the light areas with neutral colours and not exactly the colours that you would need for the picture.
  5. After that, you can work on building the image to give a solid and a three-dimension view. You can fill the colours too.
  6. Where you need more definition and a look to show the glossy effect, there you can use the oil to show that.
  7. Lastly, you can work on the areas that you have left in order to complete the whole painting.

Therefore, now that you know the steps on how to paint still life painting, then go ahead and paint your own oil painting from today onwards. Also with oil painting if you would like to know some of the information regarding the most famous paintings in the world then head over to the next article.


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