The Most Famous Artists Of All Time!

The Most Famous Artists Of All Time

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One thing that brings a light to the artists canvas is the mind and imagination that is put into it through an artist’s perspective. From all the magnificent art galleries to the most famous museums in the world, art isn’t something that everybody understands and feels in the same way like how these artists feel. It takes a lot of effort for these artists to disclose the idea and imagination on a canvas in such a way that people can understand what the artist really meant in his painting. Where some of the iconic art that is easy to understand there are also some of the art pieces that is still mysterious to our eyes. From all those mesmerizing art pieces to very complicated art pieces, let’s look into the list of most famous artists in the world.

Pablo Picasso:

Born on 25th October 1881, Pablo Picasso was considered as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. Picasso was not only a great artist but he also explored and included innovations like constructed sculpture, collage, cubism in the art industry. His such behavior concluded the saying of him being the true artist that explores and gets into the field of innovation in order to create something priceless and unique. His most notable works are the proto-Cubist Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, Guernica and bombing of Guernica. Even today when people refer to you as Picasso, you will instantly feel respected and pride in your piece of art.

Leonardo da Vinci:

If you know the enigmatic Mona Lisa painting, then you must be knowing about the great and legendary artist Leonardo da Vinci. Born on 15th April 1452 in the Tuscan town of Vinci, Leonardo was very clever with his imaginations and drew designs of technologies such as Anemometer, Helicopter (Aerial Screw), Flying Machine, Armoured Car, Parachute and many more even before it was really invented. Hence, we can say that he was not just limited to artistry industry but also opened wings for many inventions of the future. His most notable works are the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, Virgin of the Rocks, Vitruvian Man and The Lady with an Ermine.

Vincent van Gogh:

Although he was known for being psychologically unstable, his mind and imagination drew some of the iconic art pieces of all time. Born on 30th March 1853, Vincent van Gogh’s is among the most famous and influential figures in the history of Western Art. His techniques of painting with thick brush strokes have inspired many newer upcoming generations of artists. His most notable works are Sorrow, Sunflowers, The Starry Night, Wheatfield with crows, Bedroom in Arles and Portrait of Dr. Gachet.


Born on 6th March 1475, Michelangelo was a painter, a sculptor and an architect who had made great masterpieces at the time. A lot of his great works are still ranked among the most famous in existence. His dedication towards art even today looks so magnificent and is what makes him such a legend in his field. His most notable works are Pietà, David, Mosses, The Last Judgment and Sistine Chapel ceiling.  

Bob Ross:

Born on 29th October 1942, Bob Ross is a 21st century YouTube star that has gained rapid fame on the internet for his soothing voice and clear artistic instructions. He was an American painter and an art instructor who created a television program called The Joy of Painting where he used to instruct his viewers on his step by step tutorial of his paintings. His soothing personality and wet on wet oil painting technique was loved by everyone of that era and even in today’s time. His “happy little trees” to “we don’t make mistakes, we just have happy accidents”  talks a lot about his love towards his painting.

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